Sustainable farming & permaculture

pdc permaculture course ecuador

July 22 to August 16/ Nov 4 to Nov 29, 2019. Place: Organic Farm Río Muchacho . Location: Near Canoa, Ecuadorian Coast, South America

Theoretical & practical course. Duration: 4 weeks. Language: English

• History of agriculture & problems of our present food system
• Principles of Agroecology
• 5 methods of composting
• Organic fertilisers, biochar, compost tea
• Minimum till and mulch gardening
• Permaculture and regenerative agriculture
• Pest & disease prevention and management
• Biodynamic farming – history, principles, preparations
• Seed saving, bee keeping, vermiculture
• Natural food preparation & wild foods
• Plant propagation, alternative energy, soils, composting toilets and much more!

Other cultural activities included:
Chocolate and coffee making, crafting mate cups and spoons, fishing river shrimp, local clay face mask and fresh aloe vera treatment, horse riding, visiting monkey forest, etc.

Free time activities:
Surfing, yoga, paragliding, hiking, kayaking, biking etc

Price: $1200 incl. accommodation and 3 homegrown meals / day – 1000$ for early bird registration! For further information, please see our website or contact us by e-mail at or farm phone +593 (05) 3020487 at 12 to 6pm

« An amazing experience that combines discovering a new culture, travel and education » Estelle Andrieu

Río Muchacho is recommended by: Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, Nat Geo, Le Routard.

And is part of the local network Red de Guardianes de Semillas