Sowing for the future

Red Guardianes de Semillas connects families that protect the agricultural diversity and promote regenerative lifestyles in Ecuador.

Since 2002, we have been working in permaculture, agroecology, natural building, food sovereignty, social and solidarity economy, alternative education, advocacy and technology.


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Currently, we are around 100 families of Seed Guardians in Ecuador. Our network spreads over 15 provinces, and our services reach around 4,000 users. We conserve and exchange more than 4,000 varieties of native and endemic seeds. We sell part of them to the public, ensuring their agro-ecological quality through our Participatory Certification System. This tool helps us to support farmers in their path towards the most ecologically-sound practices, as much as it guides retail consumers as a warranty of healthy, regenerative, and organic products.  You can investigate about our Participatory Certification System here.


We strive to share practical knowledge and experiences in a horizontal manner, with an emphasis on interculturality. We provide low-cost/high quality learning opportunities, democratizing access to knowledge. At the same time, we promote market inclusion of agro-ecological products, while advocating for public policy surrounding food rights.

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What services do we offer?


Our partners have decades of experience, and are trained to provide quality advice and best practices to projects, communities and private owners. Some of our areas of expertise are:

Agroecological transitions from conventional agriculture to agroecology in all climates of Ecuador. Family vegetable garden systems, animal grazing, edible forests, cocoa, coffee, rice, shrimp, etc.

Permaculture design for farms and comunal projects.

Hydrological landscape design, planting, harvesting and water storage.

Water sanitation systems, domestic and communal.

Natural Building with local materials and bioclimatic principles.

Production and management of organic seeds at the private/communal level, including seed banks and seed libraries.

Solidarity-based economies, barter and trade systems, intermediation, roadmaps of compliance towards certification in our Participatory Certification System.

Workshops and courses

We have 22 years of educational experience using engaging and fun methodologies. We have face-to-face, and distance learning programs. For instance, each year we open a ‘Ecological Gardening Course’, a ‘Permacultural Design Certificate Course’, and several practical workshops. 

‘Madre Semilla’ is our online learning website, encompassing courses about social and environmental regeneration for the spanish-speaking world.

What products do we offer?

Seeds for agroecological production

Our seeds are produced in the agroecological farms of our Seed Guardians and seed farmers trained by the network. They go through a strict quality process, under our Participatory Certification System.

Ecologic products

Each family in the network manages several projects for farm income and to promote the ecological and social regeneration of the communities and territories they inhabit. These projects include producing organic crops and seeds, working on community schools, giving technical assistance, trading, promoting ecotourism, conservation and reforestation, among others. To know more about them, write us on social media.

Available Products

If you are interested in buying products from Red Guardianes de Semillas projects, contact our retailer:


  • Vegetables: Large variety from all regions of Ecuador.
  • Fruits: More than 650 varieties from all regions of Ecuador.
  • Edible and medicinal mushrooms
  • Milk, cheese and other dairy products.
  • Eggs
  • Sausages and Hams
  • Meats: Poultry, duck, llama, pork, beef, guinea pigs, rabbits.


  • Chocolate and cocoa pulp
  • Toasted coffee
  • Coconut oil, peanut butter
  • Natural Cosmetics: Creams, soaps, moisturizers, insect repellents, blockers.
  • Ecological fabrics
  • Sanitary pads
  • Fermented products


Volunteering is very valuable to the Red Guardianes de Semillas. Volunteering opportunities vary according to the needs of each project.

You can apply for the volunteer opportunities here:

Some guardians do speak English. However, it is recommended to have a basic level of Spanish to take full advantage of the collaboration opportunities of working with our communities and farms.

All applications are reviewed so that the mutual growth generated in these meetings is the most profitable for both parties.


We are always looking for opportunities to share our life experiences. If your organization needs technical support in permaculture and agroecology, in person or online, we can partner!

Write to

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Much of the work of the Red Guardianes de Semillas is sustained thanks to the support of funds for development and conservation. If you want to make a donation or finance our activities.

Write to

Projects carried out and in progress

  • Partner: Swissaid Ecuador.
  • Objective: 26 farmer families belonging to 6 communities receive 4 years of training as seed guardians.
  • Partner: Seeds of Hope Program and Prem Rawat Foundation.
  • Objective: Training in seed production for 10 communities.
  • Partner: Environmental Clinic.
  • Objective: Permaculture training processes and support for edible forest systems. More than 500 peasant families involved.
  • Partners: Conservation, Food & Health, RARE.
  • Objective: Rescue and enhancement of 11 endangered plant species, support the dissemination of Non-Conventional Food Plants, work with 50 chefs and owners of food businesses.
  • Partners: currently searching for partners.
  • Objective: to develop ancestral knowledge based cuisine, benefitting the community and transmitting the knowledge of wise community cooks.
  • Partner: Front for the Defense of Food.
  • Objective: Advocacy to the Ecuadorian State regarding food laws and regulations that effect farmer families and ecological producers.
  • Objective: to provide practical, high-quality, and low-cost digital courses for the Spanish-speaking world.
  • Objective: to broadcast the practical knowledge generated in the field as well as promoting the importance of a transition towards a regenerative society.
  • Partner: El Wayruro Store, Swift Foundation. Support of the market trading of ecological products produced directly by farmer families.
  • Includes technical advice, participatory warranty system and solidarity intermediation under the control of the producers.
  • Partner: currently searching for partners.
  • Objective: develop methodology for the inclusion of ecological activities in rural public schools. Status: proposal approved by the Ministry of Education, pilot developed.
  • Partner: currently searching for partners.
  • Objective: develop scientific station and shelter for visitors. 600+ hectares of cloud forest, mostly primary.

General support for the coordination of processes: MISEREOR and Fundación Swift